“As humans, we are hard-wired to respond to stories. When we hear or read a story, we have an opportunity to walk in the shoes of the storyteller, and by being shown their thoughts and experiences, we can further develop our ability to empathise and learn. Empowered Women Empowering The World is a powerful collection of true stories curated by the passionate advocate Tammie Pike in a bid to inspire the reader to discover their own truth by building on previous discoveries of others, with the single objective of emboldening them to embrace the future they deserve.” (Tammie Pike)


“…My ten-year-old body a tiny dishevelled figure like a broken doll. They said I would never recover; my brain so impacted that I would never awake. Yet I did. They said I would never walk again; the nerves in my spinal column so impaired that I would never stand. Yet I did. They said I would never finish school; my mind so inexplicably scrambled, I would never function autonomously. Yet I did. Heartbreakingly, this story seems so characteristic of the quintessential narrative. The child who overcomes all odds and succeeds. Heartbreaking only because I know the next chapter and it couldn’t be further from the truth… ” (Kylie Mort)


Book Launch 19th July $24.99




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