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Not everyone can afford private tuition in today’s challenging cost-of-living crisis. Yet you can afford the free resources provided by Kylie Mort, a multi-award-winning writer and professionally registered teacher of over 2 decades who has built a career out of assessing and mentoring students’ individual needs in online private tuition.  

Need an easy guide to support your young person?  It is no secret that we should be reading to our children. Not only does it promote literacy and learning, but it also creates security and connection instantly, and your child feels important, special, safe & loved.  

Little People Big Emotions is a multi-award-winning illustrated novel focused on promoting self-worth, resilience, confidence, and a sense of belonging and empowerment that won GOLD for the MMH Book Awards for Emotional Intelligence Education and was written with love by an ADHD mind, for her daughter’s ADHD mind.

This Childrens’ book is written by a passionate youth health ambassador who is a dedicated teacher, coach, and mentor with over 20 years of experience in Education, NLP, Performance Coaching and Psychology. 

You can have this book and access a FREE Study Guide providing both Teacher and Parent Support. There are also strong links with emotional intelligence exploration between the FREE study guide and the FREE educational app that Kylie is constantly adding to.

“How to Write with Kylie Mort” was developed as an essay writing platform, and with the ongoing pressure to write independently fuelling a complex moral dilemma with artificial intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT, it is good to know that young people can get the personalised help they need to focus on their own writing, formatting, and synthesising capabilities.

This app walks users through writing for a range of genres with easy-to-use Q&A style questions that lead to a fully formatted and downloadable document. Covering VCE English, secondary, and primary school writing, business development, poetry, letter writing, creative writing, study management, time management and even Maths, the templates available are ever expanding.

It is FREE, it is user-friendly with both typing and talk-to-text speech features and each time you finish a template, you even get personalized professional feedback from a multi-award-winning 5 times-published author with multiple multi-award-winning books.


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Little People Big Emotions

“My mind is a beautiful butterfly…

My teacher says to focus here…

But the butterfly is curious and wants to explore…

It flits and flutters across the landscape, always moving, always searching for the next most interesting idea…

And that’s ok…” (Kylie Mort, LITTLE PEOPLE BIG EMOTIONS)

Back Yourself

“…Many of us remain limited by the perspectives of those who have known us. Those who, because of once knowing a version of us, will consciously or not, maliciously, or not, entrap us with a label that announces to the world that this is who we are. Yet the complexity that is you will, and must change as you evolve and adapt to new knowledge. It is consistently your responsibility to shape your future with that which you now know. Every morning you can set the intention for what you can achieve. What is stopping you? You can defy the odds and defend your position and be anything you want to be! But that is just the point, isn’t it? Do you want it? What is it that lights your soul on fire?… ” (Kylie Mort, BACK YOURSELF CHAPTER 1)

Empowered Women Empowering The World

 “…My ten-year-old body a tiny dishevelled figure like a broken doll. They said I would never recover; my brain so impacted that I would never awake. Yet I did. They said I would never walk again; the nerves in my spinal column so impaired that I would never stand. Yet I did. They said I would never finish school; my mind so inexplicably scrambled, I would never function autonomously. Yet I did. Heartbreakingly, this story seems so characteristic of the quintessential narrative. The child who overcomes all odds and succeeds. Heartbreaking only because I know the next chapter and it couldn’t be further from the truth… ” (Kylie Mort, EMPOWERED WOMEN EMPOWERING THE WORLD – CHAPTER 11)

novels available at these specialty stores:

Lavish Skin Therapy CIinic – 23 Carrier Street, Benalla

Fokus Footwear & Accessories – 103-105 Bridge Street East, Benalla

Benalla West Store & Post Office – 26A Bridge Street West, Benalla

AN AMAZON BEST SELLER FOR BUSINESS LEADERSHIP! Get you Kindle verison on Amazon or order your paperback here! 27 incredible business women share their top business advice to inspire you to create the business you’ve been dreaming of! Back Yourself is my second collaboration, not just success stories but explaining to readers exactly how readers can find success in their own goals. I wrote during the 2020 pandemic, determined to find ways to continue teaching, sharing my case study and my guidelines for your own inspiration. Get your copy now and live your best life in 2022!

Empowered Women Empowering The World and the stories within this book are from women from all walks of life, who will inspire you to embark on your own self-empowerment journey, to grow your self-belief, so you can be your best self: confident, courageous and most importantly, empowered. We share how we changed our lives to experience deep and lasting transformation, providing easy-to-implement tools and techniques that give powerful motivation for women to say yes to their best lives. 

Amazing Women of Influence: Heart-Centered Female Warriors on a Mission to Change the World! Learn practical tips and advice provided by women just like you. Gain the confidence to create your own business that makes a difference. Be armed with mindset tips and tools to overcome your fear. Have access to a network of women with the expertise to help you on your own journey. Purchase directly from Amazon.com

As you would know from my programs and style I live what I teach. I practise what I preach and I love sharing what works for me. 

As I wrote in my latest publication, “life shouldn’t be about…life is about being your best self” Kylie Mort, Back Yourself

Below, I have provided links to programs I use and I believe in. They have helped me and hopefully they will help you to! Please feel free to get in touch and chat with me about any links you find on my website, I love recommending excellent books, programs and people who will help us all #reimagine #redesign and #recreate our journey to being our best selves.