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I am Kylie Mort: international author, writer for global magazines, qualified & registered school and yoga teacher and certified in NLP, Ericksonian hypnosis and performance coaching. My current study and research journey is based at Deakin University in Psychological Science. 

In essence I am a teacher, not only the qualified and registered teacher of multiple industries, but a teacher at heart. It has always been my passion.

Today I teach privately as an educational mentor assisting students in Primary and Secondary school achieve their academic aspirations. I am also a Life and Business Coach using my holistic Performance Coaching to assist individuals of all ages.  Yet I also teach through writing, both academically and creatively, to connect with those who seek knowledge and fulfilment. 

I became a teacher after surviving the terrors of an unhappy and abusive journey through childhood and adolescence. Terrors that still come back to haunt me when I am unwary. However I am the eternal student always and this too is my teacher. As we all do, I continue to evolve, adapt and overcome and the lessons I learn assist me to achieve my life’s work mentoring others.

In 2019 I wrote and published a summary of the early years and what has led to my vocation. Follow the PUBLICATIONS & CONTACT link to find the  co-authored collaboration of inspirational and empowered women, “Empowered Women Empowering The World”, including a link to the online book launch where the authors talk about their narrative and their experience. Writing for this publication was a cathartic journey of self-awakening, realising the potential I had to support others through analysing my own path.

Early in 2020 I wrote for the Hope Book Series and was interviewed by Serena Carcasole the founder of the Amazing Women Entrepreneurs Network, about my role as a woman of influence.  See here for links on this book and podcast.  

2020 also saw my acceptance of the offer to be an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine, a global magazine featuring industry leaders and expert coaches. At this time, I was also selected to be featured in the Brainz 500 Global list of 2020 – a list of companies, entrepreneurs and influential leaders worldwide, recognized for their entrepreneurial success, achievements or dedication to help others. Links to these articles will be added to the PUBLICATIONS & CONTACT page as they become available.

Later in 2020 I wrote again for a collaboration of  motivated and talented women in Back Yourself now available from my online bookshop where 28 incredible business women share their top business advice to inspire you to create the business you have been dreaming of! Within my contribution to this third book I focused not on the power of my narrative but the sharing of my gifts as a teacher. Abilities I continue to strengthen through my current study and research into Psychological Science at Deakin University.

I’ve always been the entrepreneur, always wanted to find a solution and fill a need. In this way studying Business and Sales Mastery under Aaron Sansoni was a natural progression. However it was when I honed into training in NLP, Erickson Hypnosis and Performance Coaching certification through the Global Speaking and Coaching Authority that I realised I needed to realign my purpose and my passion.

After securing my qualification and registration as a yoga teacher I have now come home to my passion; tailoring bespoke mentoring packages for individuals supporting their academic, physical and personal betterment and success. 

Connect with me here to discuss your own unique needs. 


Three Books – The Journey

I have always been a wordsmith, using my talent with language as a basis for my career and as a healing agent through both narrative prose and poetry.

Empowered Women Empowering The World and the stories within this book are from women from all walks of life, who will inspire you to embark on your own self-empowerment journey, to grow your self-belief, so you can be your best self: confident, courageous and most importantly, empowered.

Personally, my chapter focuses on the ability to recreate one’s future when all seems lost. I’d like to illustrate the importance of a positive mindset, a constructive focus and an optimistic point of view. If we offer kindness, empathy and gratitude to the world, the world will respond with endless possibilities.

I wrote for Empowering Women Empowering the World in Nov 2019 when I was focused on business and growth and human resource development. I had three very diverse award-winning companies and fifteen staff. I was creating change in my community and beyond. Writing in Chapter 11 of this book I covered the early years, recovering from:

  1. Family breakdown
  2. Physical, sexual and psychological abuses
  3. Horrific injuries
  4. Paraplegia
  5. Mental health issues that arise post trauma

I wrote of overcoming these adversities leading to:

  1. My career as a school teacher
  2. Stability
  3. Marriage
  4. Growing multiple award-winning businesses in a small rural town
  5. And what I was planning to continue building…

Many of us transformed during 2020 and I wrote for “Back Yourself” in the midst of a global pandemic. As I wrote Chapter 1 The Importance of Passion – Why Your Niche Needs to Be You I was creating a guide written through experiential research. My case study helps a reader explore and assess:

  1. Where you are
  2. Who you are
  3. Where you are going
  4. Who you want to be
  5. How to get there

My chapter focuses on the realisation that you are limited only by your own vision, and the more you seek the more you will see. I use my journey of adapting and evolving to our new COVID-19 normal to highlight the importance of the keys I teach throughout my writing and coaching.

Each day to:




So ultimately you can:




Why do they all focus on “RE”? Because I’m a realist, because life is going to knock you down and you need the mindset to know you are unbreakable.

Within Chapter 1 of “Back Yourself” I wanted to share with readers the acceptance of change. The fact that mindfulness means being aware of yourself and knowing when your journey needs to change paths. Within this book I explain how to reinvent yourself because that’s what I did in 2020. I gathered all the aspects of my career that I loved and I rewrote the Mission and Vision Statement.

I focused only on the elements that lit my soul on fire. The main take-away I want to inspire readers with is that you CAN do this – the only limits we have are those we put on ourselves. I have NICHED DOWN and honed my skills on my passion.

I am a performance coach and thus I seek out knowledge, experience and qualifications in all aspects of the human mind:

  1. Building on my original career as a Year 12 Business Management and English teacher
  2. Exploring the psychology of persuasion through social psychology and neuro-linguistic programming
  3. Delving into mindfulness through my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training
  4. Finally returning to University to study Psychological Science

Chapter 1 of “Back Yourself” is my case study example of NICHING and I write about how others can do this also. I’m not saying everyone has to collect qualifications and study obsessively but you do need to know where you are going and what it is you want to achieve. Your Why is why you want to attain your goal and your Mission and Vision Statement aligns you to your purpose and reminds you of why you started.

My third publication was writing for the Hope Book Series and will be released on Amazon. In this I continue along the path from biography to business, sharing my insight into my experience in growing multiply award-winning companies. 

But it is the second novel, Back Yourself, that takes the fullest of steps along this pathway. Moving completely into the world of business and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Within this collaboration I share my story alongside 27 other successful business women, giving you everything you need to achieve your dream.  Get your own personally signed copy in the online bookstore

I am seeking to inspire readers with insight into the rebuilding, redesigning and recreating of one’s own life. Not only recovery and revolution after vulnerability, disconnection and destructive forces but supporting each and every individual to be their best selves and live their best lives – supporting academic, physical and personal success. 

My writing seeks to assist others in recognizing how your own mindset can be fortified as a resource. Just one of many resources available to those who have experience in the successful recovery from tragedy. See the PUBLICATIONS & CONTACT page for more details. 

Testimonials/Success Stories

Hi Kylie , I just wanted to say I have just finished Empowered Women and truly loved it. So very inspiring to read and just loved every one’s journey. Thank you to all that shared some amazing stories of their life xx Beautiful

Karen 2021

Once again, thank you for your assistance….you are a genius at the creative and written word!!!  Until we talk again, stay safe!

Michael, Business Copywriting Client 2021

I love what you are doing to inspire women and men to be better versions of themselves and reach to the potential hidden inside themselves they don’t know about yet. Thank you for being so inspirational.

Charles, Purchaser of 'Empowered Women Empowering the World'

Wow.. great article Kylie.. and thanks for the reminder. 


‘Kylie has been tutoring my daughter for some years. During that time I have found her to be a caring, conscientious and innovative tutor. She is prepared to accommodate the learner’s needs and she never gives up. I am truly grateful to her for the support she has shown. It has been invaluable’

C. Burton - Oct 2020

“I want to thank you again Kylie for your great kindness and persistence with [student]. You have encouraged her all the way. She would certainly not have finished her work without you. You have contributed significantly to her education and I know that in years to come she will fully appreciate your efforts.”

Local Benalla Teacher, 2020

Kylie Mort – The way you express your feelings with words is like Beethoven created music with emotion, intensity and created a huge impact. Never stop being you the deep, loving and spontaneous goddess that you are. I am so thankful for your support.”

Tammie 2020

“I’ve been reading the tutoring notes for the … children and wanted to say thank you for your patience and ongoing support provided – you are amazing!”

Lei 2020

Thanks for being a great teacher! Wish i had more classes with you at school 🙂

Jacob (former student)

 That is absolutely beautiful.
No words.
You have so many wonderful talents that touch so many lives ❤️😊 “

Bec (May 2020)

You are inspiring Kylie and you have given Molly and our family wonderful support at a time it was really needed.

Rachel, Benalla

Can someone give this beautiful lady her own TV show, so inspirational Kylie you are a modern “sage”  keep doing what you’re doing.


FB, Inspired Community Member

That was amazing.
You have a gift Kylie.  

Salli Galvin

FB Feb 2020

So excited to be back in your tuition with you Kylie Mort. Amy-Summer has been looking forward to it. We actually never left just life got in the way, and your sense of understanding, support and never ending patience and behalf in us and especially Amy-Summer has meant she Knows she is in capable hands and that you know exactly how to pick up where you left off with her. Your teaching style is so innately Intune with how she process information. Because she knows this she automatically feels confident that she is in not only in good hands but her anxiety in relation to Math’s has evaporated. You are an incredible teacher with an understanding of not only your students, but being abundantly aware of their well being is so evident and pivotal in terms of what makes you that much better at what you do. Have said many times before , if you are thinking about a tutor Look no further than BPT Private Tuition.  Kylie at the helm is just brilliant in how she can look at the whole student’s needs and then adapt her teaching style so it fits so innately into how each individual student learns. Each student is different, and Kylie’s recognition of this is what places her at a level of excellence most teachers would find simply unattainable. You can’t teach that. It is what makes BPT Private Tuition so incredible. We still travel 140 km round trip to attend tutoring with Kylie. So worth it. The impact BPT has had on Amy-Summer is so overwhelming positive that cannot recommend her highly enough. And her other tutors are as epic as she is…..Kylie you are 5 stars. 

Lou Lou

15 Years down the track and still ringing my year 8 English teacher for help! As always a wonderful service.


Former Student, July 2019

Kylie, thank you for all you have done for me! I wouldn’t have made it without you!


VCE Student, Class of 2018

Dear Kylie, Thank you for being absolutely amazing…Your honesty helped me keep track and focus on what’s important!


VCE Student, Class of 2018

I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me the past two years…I’m extremely grateful for your kindness, patience and helpfulness…you didn’t rush me, and I am so happy you were my tutor!


Former Student, 2018

We can’t thank you enough for how you’ve helped…because of you she has moved ahead academically in leaps and bounds!

Alica and Christian

Parents, ongoing student 2020

Thank you so much for supporting me throughout Year twelve and helping me to improve my essay writing. I’ve had a great time talking with you each Friday and you’ve done wonders for both my grades and my stress levels…whatever I do end up doing will have been made possible by your help this year. You got me through!


VCE Student, Class of 2018

My son went to Kylie in his last year of high school for help with English for his VCE exams. He enjoyed the sessions and got a lot from it. Not only did he learn essay structure and how to follow through with his ideas, but he loved their chats and debates on the topics. Kylie gave him the skills to be successful in his exams and carry those skills to his first year of University. His first year he achieved great results on his essays which allowed him to change his course to a double degree of Bachelor of Laws / Arts with a major in Politics. Thanks Kylie for giving him the skills needed to achieve greatness


Mother, Class of 2017