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Kylie Mort is an International Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author, Online Tutor & Mental Health Blogger and Coach who connects to the world from her farm in North-East Victoria, Australia. Kylie loves musing about mindfulness and psychology in her daily blog at www.facebook.com/kyliemort.daily.blog 



and she invites everybody to get involved in the conversation or quietly follow along and take from it what they need.

Kylie writes academically and creatively in published books, magazines and her blog to connect with those who seek guidance and inspiration to be their best selves.

Kylie Mort coaches individuals of all ages to embrace and support the Academic Mind, Self-Awareness & the Mind-Body Connection. Assisting individuals by tailoring bespoke mentoring packages supporting academic, physical, and personal advancement and success.

A former Secondary School Teacher & VCE Leader with two decades of teaching experience, Kylie is a qualified & registered: School Teacher, Yoga Teacher & Performance Coach including Erickson Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming. She has returned to Deakin University after decades of VIT teaching to study Psychological Science; forever learning, constantly creating, continually studying.

Kylie’s vocation is helping to develop strong, resilient, unique individuals who know their worth, challenge their weaknesses, build their strengths and trust that they are #importantspecialsafeandloved

Her guaranteed commitment is to provide all who read her publications and work within her programs the inner strength, knowledge, and empowerment to live their best lives. 


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Testimonials/Success Stories

“He engaged with you and I think he took a lot in which is awesome!

And as for your report… You gave us more in one report than 6 years of teachers combined!
New  Private Client, May 2022

“I love that when our students need an extended session you have the flexibility to hang in there and push through the work. They are very lucky to have this level of support…Your support is absolutely worth it.”

Ronald Macdonald Learning Program Co-ordinator, May 2022

“Thank you Kylie, we are super impressed with the detail of notes you have sent through.

We are very much looking forward to seeing [our son] thrive in maths and become more confident with school in general.”
Kind regards
[New Client]
May 2022″

“Your impact on [my daughter] was/has been nothing short of extraordinary & always treasured. From the moment we met you & you received lots of feedback which I never held back on, you always treated her with the utmost respect. Her learning experience succinctly blossomed because Kylie you nurtured her in such a positive way. It enabled her to bloom & learn her way without fear of what she had previously experienced at school. Because she learns differently the teachers with zero patience nor tolerance blamed her. In reality they were to blame. They just did not care enough to teach in the way she could learn. Kylie Mort you are a true hero & forever indebted to you, for the all the care you took in [my daughter]’s learning experience. And most of all for all the times you supported us through very difficult traumatic experiences as well. Thank you for allowing [her] to thrive.” 

Client via Facebook 29 April 2022

 What an incredibly beautiful impact you had/have on [my daughter] & myself included. Your duty of care towards my daughter’s learning disability & your ability to bring out the best in her, in a subject she feared so much speaks volumes. Making a difference matters so much & that epitomises everything about you Kylie

Client via Facebook 29 April 2022

Kylie your incredible adaptation & recognition of how Amy-Summer learnt meant her fear of maths disappeared & the time spent in your tutoring sessions was nothing short of life changing.”

Client via Facebook 27 April 2022

Kylie Mort Luckily I know I can count on you to go out of your way to help us out. One person can make a difference. So, thank you for consistently choosing to be that person.”

Social Media Follower March 2022

“Kylie Mort I love this, wish I knew  about your page the last 2 years as this would of been perfect for my eldest suffering mental health in 2020 and 2021 while doing yr 11 and yr 12.”

 Social Media Follower  Feb 2022

“Kylie Mort I love all of your posts, you explain things so well and your topics are relative 😍❤️ ThankYOU! Xxx”

Briony, Facebook 30 Nov 2021


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have (so patiently) offered … in what has been a very tricky year for all of us.

I have no doubt that he went into his [Year 12] English exam feeling better equipped and confident in his abilities …– we are so proud of how he has persisted over the past 2 [pandemic] years.”

Liz, Parent 2020/21 VCE Cohort

“I’ve just read your story in Empowered Women I took in every word spell bound! So well written!! You are a very clever lady, wow, absolutely inspiring Thank you so much for sharing and teaching as you do Loved your piece

You really must believe you have touched your readers, and someone like me who knew that beautiful young lady, never ever saw any flaws xx”
Mandie, August 2021

Again a massive thank you for your efforts with our daughter.  Just for your info, her teacher did some reading testing on her last week and the teacher reported to me directly that our daughter has taken a massive leap forward.  We are very grateful for your support in her learning, as is she”

Current Primary School Student-Client 2021

You’re such a positive inspiration Kylie I really admire you for it !”

LC, Benalla (April  2021)


“Oh my gosh Kylie- this is why your work is so important.

Thank you for all of the details in regards to the discussion you have shared… and the fact that you are picking up on things now rather than when what he doesn’t understand becomes apparent a little too late in the classroom.

Not only are you picking up on things but then giving him tools to address it and also letting us know so that we can support him. How I wish we had started with you 6 years ago!”

 Liz, (April 2021)

You are truly a change maker!!!! This quote from you is SPOT ON:

  • Forever learning, constantly creating, permanently enrolled in professional development… helping to develop strong, resilient, unique young people who know their worth, challenge their weaknesses, build their strengths and trust that they are
Keep up the great work and being YOU, and sharing your gifts, not just with the children you teach, but with us to provide inspiration
Sarah, (April 2021)

Kylie you are inspirational for many reasons thank you for being so generous and giving of yourself bless you”

Charlee, Mother of Former Student, (Feb 2021)

Hi Kylie , I just wanted to say I have just finished Empowered Women and truly loved it. So very inspiring to read and just loved every one’s journey. Thank you to all that shared some amazing stories of their life xx Beautiful

Karen, (Feb 2021)

Once again, thank you for your assistance….you are a genius at the creative and written word!!!  Until we talk again, stay safe!

Michael, Business Copywriting Client (2021)

I love what you are doing to inspire women and men to be better versions of themselves and reach to the potential hidden inside themselves they don’t know about yet. Thank you for being so inspirational.

Charles, Purchaser of 'Empowered Women Empowering the World' (Jan, 2021)

Wow.. great article Kylie.. and thanks for the reminder. 

Jenni, (Nov 2020)

‘Kylie has been tutoring my daughter for some years. During that time I have found her to be a caring, conscientious and innovative tutor. She is prepared to accommodate the learner’s needs and she never gives up. I am truly grateful to her for the support she has shown. It has been invaluable’

C. Burton, (Oct 2020)

“I want to thank you again Kylie for your great kindness and persistence with [student]. You have encouraged her all the way. She would certainly not have finished her work without you. You have contributed significantly to her education and I know that in years to come she will fully appreciate your efforts.”

Local Benalla Teacher, (2020)

Kylie Mort – The way you express your feelings with words is like Beethoven created music with emotion, intensity and created a huge impact. Never stop being you the deep, loving and spontaneous goddess that you are. I am so thankful for your support.”

Tammie, (2020)

“I’ve been reading the tutoring notes for the … children and wanted to say thank you for your patience and ongoing support provided – you are amazing!”

Lei, (2020)

Thanks for being a great teacher! Wish i had more classes with you at school 🙂

Jacob, former student, (May 2020)

 That is absolutely beautiful.
No words.
You have so many wonderful talents that touch so many lives ❤️😊 “

Bec, (May 2020)

You are inspiring Kylie and you have given Molly and our family wonderful support at a time it was really needed.

Rachel, Benalla (Apr 2020)

Can someone give this beautiful lady her own TV show, so inspirational Kylie you are a modern “sage”  keep doing what you’re doing.


FB, Inspired Community Member (2020)

That was amazing.
You have a gift Kylie.  

Salli Galvin

FB, (Feb 2020)

So excited to be back in your tuition with you Kylie Mort. Amy-Summer has been looking forward to it. We actually never left just life got in the way, and your sense of understanding, support and never ending patience and behalf in us and especially Amy-Summer has meant she Knows she is in capable hands and that you know exactly how to pick up where you left off with her. Your teaching style is so innately Intune with how she process information. Because she knows this she automatically feels confident that she is in not only in good hands but her anxiety in relation to Math’s has evaporated. You are an incredible teacher with an understanding of not only your students, but being abundantly aware of their well being is so evident and pivotal in terms of what makes you that much better at what you do. Have said many times before , if you are thinking about a tutor Look no further than BPT Private Tuition.  Kylie at the helm is just brilliant in how she can look at the whole student’s needs and then adapt her teaching style so it fits so innately into how each individual student learns. Each student is different, and Kylie’s recognition of this is what places her at a level of excellence most teachers would find simply unattainable. You can’t teach that. It is what makes BPT Private Tuition so incredible. We still travel 140 km round trip to attend tutoring with Kylie. So worth it. The impact BPT has had on Amy-Summer is so overwhelming positive that cannot recommend her highly enough. And her other tutors are as epic as she is…..Kylie you are 5 stars. 

Lou Lou, (2020)

15 Years down the track and still ringing my year 8 English teacher for help! As always a wonderful service.


Former Student, (July 2019)

Kylie, thank you for all you have done for me! I wouldn’t have made it without you!


VCE Student, (Class of 2018)

Dear Kylie, Thank you for being absolutely amazing…Your honesty helped me keep track and focus on what’s important!


VCE Student, (Class of 2018)

I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me the past two years…I’m extremely grateful for your kindness, patience and helpfulness…you didn’t rush me, and I am so happy you were my tutor!


Former Student, (2018)

We can’t thank you enough for how you’ve helped…because of you she has moved ahead academically in leaps and bounds!

Alica and Christian

Parents, (ongoing student 2020)

Thank you so much for supporting me throughout Year twelve and helping me to improve my essay writing. I’ve had a great time talking with you each Friday and you’ve done wonders for both my grades and my stress levels…whatever I do end up doing will have been made possible by your help this year. You got me through!


VCE Student, (Class of 2018)

My son went to Kylie in his last year of high school for help with English for his VCE exams. He enjoyed the sessions and got a lot from it. Not only did he learn essay structure and how to follow through with his ideas, but he loved their chats and debates on the topics. Kylie gave him the skills to be successful in his exams and carry those skills to his first year of University. His first year he achieved great results on his essays which allowed him to change his course to a double degree of Bachelor of Laws / Arts with a major in Politics. Thanks Kylie for giving him the skills needed to achieve greatness


Mother, (Class of 2017)