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Empowering Individuals with Intrinsic Education

BPT Private Tuition

One-on-one sessions of private tuition in English, Maths, VCE subjects and more. Empowering people through personalised private mentorship, providing exclusive and direct access to experts in education, who can focus on each student’s unique learning and development needs and goals. Providing the confidence and opportunity for endless future career possibilities.

Kylie Mort’s Online Platforms

Kylie personally mentors in FREE online Maths & English platforms that are 100% focused on individual growth and development. 

 Join in today at https://www.facebook.com/groups/KylieMortMathsOnline and https://www.facebook.com/groups/KylieMortEnglishOnline



Mort Business Services

Benalla’s premier marketing strategist, growing a sustainable community by connecting individual needs with the vision and passion of the exceptional providers in our region.  Living with sustainable practices,  believing in our community, working towards continuous growth, building on the vision of our local leaders & empowering our intrinsic learning. 


What is Mort Business Services?
A group of highly motivated businesses that serve the Benalla community.
Focused on solving the problems of community members by providing expert knowledge and support
Collaboratively we are building better businesses to better support our community.
Local people, local families, local faces
Shop local and support your local community
Helping You Achieve Success

Kylie is a former secondary school teacher and VCE leader turned founder of multiple successful businesses and a business advisor.


From 61 Carrier Street in Benalla she runs both Benalla’s BPT Private Tuition and Mort Business Services sharing her love of teaching and mentoring to support students and business alike. 

“I believe that every young person needs to have the self-worth, confidence and strength to face personal choices and challenges with stability and make decisions that lead to positive outcomes and fulfilment.”


Kylie works alongside local businesses, consulting on business strategy and marketing. She also supports students with dedicated one-to-one tuition & online platforms for Maths & English  

In-house Training

Kylie travels widely to schools and businesses to assist and advise; both one-to-one and one-to-many. 


Taking her message to a wider audience;  Kylie presents on stage and in group settings, as well as the online assistance offered through her channels. 

Career Advice

Kylie is focused on empowering the intrinsic learning of individuals.  Supporting academic and career advancement at all ages; it is never too late to make a change.  


Kylie is a former secondary school teacher and VCE leader turned founder of multiple successful businesses and a business advisor.

For more than 16 years she has been supporting the growth and development of young people, facilitating their self-worth and innate resilience, empowering individuals to overcome the challenges of an ever-changing modern society.


After resigning from State Education Kylie has repeatedly established successfully entrepreneurial business ideas; growing companies from seed identities to dominating local markets. She now encourages other start-ups and advises on systems and networks to assist new enterprise.

She remains passionate about her core business of youth mentoring and tuition. For the past decade she has focused on the development of her tutoring expertise across Literacy and Numeracy at Primary and Secondary levels and she remains dedicated to this ongoing professional guidance at BPT Private Tuition in Benalla, Victoria. 

Testimonials/Success Stories

15 Years down the track and still ringing my year 8 English teacher for help! As always a wonderful service.


Former Student, July 2019

Kylie, thank you for all you have done for me! I wouldn’t have made it without you!


VCE Student, Class of 2018

Dear Kylie, Thank you for being absolutely amazing…Your honesty helped me keep track and focus on what’s important!


VCE Student, Class of 2018

I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me the past two years…I’m extremely grateful for your kindness, patience and helpfulness…you didn’t rush me, and I am so happy you were my tutor!


Former Student, 2018

We can’t thank you enough for how you’ve helped…because of you she has moved ahead academically in leaps and bounds!

Alica and Christian

Parents, ongoing student 2020

Thank you so much for supporting me throughout Year twelve and helping me to improve my essay writing. I’ve had a great time talking with you each Friday and you’ve done wonders for both my grades and my stress levels…whatever I do end up doing will have been made possible by your help this year. You got me through!


VCE Student, Class of 2018

My son went to Kylie in his last year of high school for help with English for his VCE exams. He enjoyed the sessions and got a lot from it. Not only did he learn essay structure and how to follow through with his ideas, but he loved their chats and debates on the topics. Kylie gave him the skills to be successful in his exams and carry those skills to his first year of University. His first year he achieved great results on his essays which allowed him to change his course to a double degree of Bachelor of Laws / Arts with a major in Politics. Thanks Kylie for giving him the skills needed to achieve greatness


Mother, Class of 2017

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Kylie is an Educational Mentor from Benalla in North-East Victoria. Formerly a VCE English and Business Management teacher, she now works with students and business owners as a tutor and a business trainer, focusing on holistic growth and development.  Kylie is the owner and operator of three companies under the Mort Enterprises banner; companies she has grown from seed ventures into the successful businesses you see today, helping transform the lives of students and business owners alike. She is a qualified Secondary School professional with degrees in English, Literature and Social Studies but she believes in continuous improvement, and for this reason, remains a perpetual student; consistently training in business, speaking and coaching courses that will assist her to assist more people. Kylie believes in giving back to the community and that is why after 15 years of building the diesel mechanic workshop and a decade of developing the private tuition centre; she is now beginning her next bourgeoning project. Mort Business Services is her new obligation; growing a collaboration of rural small businesses focused, not on selling and marketing, but on education and community connections. Developing the village that will raise the next generation of community leaders.

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