Author, Speaker, Educational Mentor & Performance Coach

Empowering Individuals with Intrinsic Education

The teenage years can be hard. Mothers and daughters can clash and we can find ourselves wondering, why does she hate me? What did I do wrong? It just feels like we don’t understand each other anymore. Not only are we dealing with the pressures of adolescence and social boundaries, we also have the growing demands of school and career goals. It is a time of frustration, angst and feeling isolated. But you are not alone…

As a former secondary school teacher and VCE leader, my passion and expertise lies with the well-being and development of young people.

As a Literature Major who turned to poetry and words to heal, being a published author was always going to be part of my journey.

As a coach, I can assist mothers and daughters to be their best selves. Using my resources and skills to foster positive connections and personal awareness.

Assisting individuals with their unique needs whilst also being available to support the pivotal relationships between parents and teenagers, helping to successfully navigate the teenage years.



Coaching Connection

I work with mothers and daughters to fulfil their obligation, passion and purpose.

  • Connection between teenagers and their study goals
  • Connection between Mumpreneurs and their businesses goals
  • Connection between mothers, daughters and parenting goals

Coaching individuals to connect to what is truly important to them.

My key take away from over 20 years of teaching is that there is always more to learn and there is always more to teach.

I have been a professional academic tutor for over a decade after resigning from State Education to focus on personal connections with students and their unique individual study goals.

I now share my love of teaching and holistic mentoring to support students, women and mothers alike through my coaching programs.

My coaching promotes strength, resilience and personal growth as I supporting other women on their unique intrinsic journeys to be their best self.

I believe that every woman deserves the self-worth, confidence and strength to face personal choices and challenges with stability and make decisions that lead to positive outcomes and fulfilment. I am here to help you rediscover your own power.


Helping You Achieve Success

Performance Coaching

Based in my qualifications and experience as Kylie Mort BA, BTeach(sec), VCE Year 11 & 12 English and Business Management specialist, I grew a tuition company from seed in the rural Victorian town of Benalla.

Now I reach a global audience offering high quality and diversified online education services incorporating holistic coaching of: Academic Mind,  Self-Knowledge,  Personal Awareness, Mind-Body Connection, Personal Connection & Well-Being. 

I support clients in: Primary, Secondary and Adult Literacy and Numeracy Development, Tailored Mother & Daughter Connection Programs that seek to nurture and strengthen this pivotal maternal bond & Performance Coaching of Women of all ages in Personal Growth and Professional Development. 

Online Mentoring

Kylie works with individuals to fulfil their obligation, passion and purpose. Whether this is through academic tuition, small group school support, business consulting, or a more personal journey of fulfilment redesigning one’s own future. 

Performance Coaching

Kylie is focused on empowering individuals with intrinsic education; unlocking their inner potential by removing limiting beliefs and focusing on authentic truth and purpose. Supporting academic and personal advancement at all ages; it is never too late to make a change. 


Taking her message to a wider audience;  Kylie presents on stage and in group settings, as well as the online assistance offered through her channels. 


Empowered Women Empowering the World

I have always been a wordsmith, using my talent with language as a basis for my career and as a healing agent through both narrative prose and poetry.

I have recently had the opportunity to be a part of an inspirational collaboration of 15 empowered women telling their stories of overcoming personal adversity to achieve amazing successes.

Empowered Women Empowering The World and the stories within this book are from women from all walks of life, who will inspire you to embark on your own self-empowerment journey, to grow your self-belief, so you can be your best self: confident, courageous and most importantly, empowered.

We share how we changed our lives to experience deep and lasting transformation, providing easy-to-implement tools and techniques that give powerful motivation for women to say “yes” to their best lives.

My key message is of strength, resilience and growth. I believe people can redesign, reimagine and rebuild their futures. I believe this book to be a collaboration of individual women who can illustrate the power of innate fortitude and the possibilities that can come from adapting to circumstances and overcoming obstacles through recognizing the significance of personal responsibility and action.

Personally, my chapter focuses on the ability to recreate one’s future when all seems lost. I’d like to illustrate the importance of a positive mindset, a constructive focus and an optimistic point of view. If we offer kindness, empathy and gratitude to the world, the world will respond with endless possibilities.

I am seeking to inspire readers with insight into the rebuilding, redesigning and recreating of one’s own life. Recovery and revolution after vulnerability, disconnection and destructive forces.

My writing seeks to assist others in recognizing how your own mindset can be fortified as a resource. Just one of many resources available to those who have experience in the successful recovery from tragedy.



 “The important element to focus on, through the shifting sands of my perception, is the message. The message I can glean from the circumstances, the reactions and the emotions. The message I can pass on to those who need a light at the end of their own unique tunnel. A message that will glow with the inner fire of resilience and strength; a strength not born of empowering heights, but of dragging oneself through the sullied depths of despair and self-loathing.”

“…My ten-year-old body a tiny dishevelled figure like a broken doll. They said I would never recover; my brain so impacted that I would never awake. Yet I did. They said I would never walk again; the nerves in my spinal column so impaired that I would never stand. Yet I did. They said I would never finish school; my mind so inexplicably scrambled, I would never function autonomously. Yet I did. Heartbreakingly, this story seems so characteristic of the quintessential narrative. The child who overcomes all odds and succeeds. Heartbreaking only because I know the next chapter and it couldn’t be further from the truth… ” 


Testimonials/Success Stories

Kylie Mort – The way you express your feelings with words is like Beethoven created music with emotion, intensity and created a huge impact. Never stop being you the deep, loving and spontaneous goddess that you are. I am so thankful for your support.”

Tammie 2020

“I’ve been reading the tutoring notes for the … children and wanted to say thank you for your patience and ongoing support provided – you are amazing!”

Lei 2020

Thanks for being a great teacher! Wish i had more classes with you at school 🙂

Jacob (former student)

 That is absolutely beautiful.
No words.
You have so many wonderful talents that touch so many lives ❤️😊 “

Bec (May 2020)

You are inspiring Kylie and you have given Molly and our family wonderful support at a time it was really needed.

Rachel, Benalla

Can someone give this beautiful lady her own TV show, so inspirational Kylie you are a modern “sage”  keep doing what you’re doing.


FB, Inspired Community Member

That was amazing.
You have a gift Kylie.  

Salli Galvin

FB Feb 2020

So excited to be back in your tuition with you Kylie Mort. Amy-Summer has been looking forward to it. We actually never left just life got in the way, and your sense of understanding, support and never ending patience and behalf in us and especially Amy-Summer has meant she Knows she is in capable hands and that you know exactly how to pick up where you left off with her. Your teaching style is so innately Intune with how she process information. Because she knows this she automatically feels confident that she is in not only in good hands but her anxiety in relation to Math’s has evaporated. You are an incredible teacher with an understanding of not only your students, but being abundantly aware of their well being is so evident and pivotal in terms of what makes you that much better at what you do. Have said many times before , if you are thinking about a tutor Look no further than BPT Private Tuition.  Kylie at the helm is just brilliant in how she can look at the whole student’s needs and then adapt her teaching style so it fits so innately into how each individual student learns. Each student is different, and Kylie’s recognition of this is what places her at a level of excellence most teachers would find simply unattainable. You can’t teach that. It is what makes BPT Private Tuition so incredible. We still travel 140 km round trip to attend tutoring with Kylie. So worth it. The impact BPT has had on Amy-Summer is so overwhelming positive that cannot recommend her highly enough. And her other tutors are as epic as she is…..Kylie you are 5 stars. 

Lou Lou

15 Years down the track and still ringing my year 8 English teacher for help! As always a wonderful service.


Former Student, July 2019

Kylie, thank you for all you have done for me! I wouldn’t have made it without you!


VCE Student, Class of 2018

Dear Kylie, Thank you for being absolutely amazing…Your honesty helped me keep track and focus on what’s important!


VCE Student, Class of 2018

I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me the past two years…I’m extremely grateful for your kindness, patience and helpfulness…you didn’t rush me, and I am so happy you were my tutor!


Former Student, 2018

We can’t thank you enough for how you’ve helped…because of you she has moved ahead academically in leaps and bounds!

Alica and Christian

Parents, ongoing student 2020

Thank you so much for supporting me throughout Year twelve and helping me to improve my essay writing. I’ve had a great time talking with you each Friday and you’ve done wonders for both my grades and my stress levels…whatever I do end up doing will have been made possible by your help this year. You got me through!


VCE Student, Class of 2018

My son went to Kylie in his last year of high school for help with English for his VCE exams. He enjoyed the sessions and got a lot from it. Not only did he learn essay structure and how to follow through with his ideas, but he loved their chats and debates on the topics. Kylie gave him the skills to be successful in his exams and carry those skills to his first year of University. His first year he achieved great results on his essays which allowed him to change his course to a double degree of Bachelor of Laws / Arts with a major in Politics. Thanks Kylie for giving him the skills needed to achieve greatness


Mother, Class of 2017